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The Centre for Practice

The Centre for Practice features scholars pursuing research-based practice across the disciplines of Art, Design, Film, and Performance. The Centre is based at the Lancaster Institute for the Contemporary Arts (LICA) at Lancaster University, and includes scholars working in the (inter)disciplines of Fine Art, Drama, Dance, Theatre and Performance, Design, and Film.

The Centre for Practice is a forum for advancing creative, critical and theoretical understanding of practice-based research in the contemporary arts that feeds into a range of themes (see below). The research ethos is interdisciplinary, and practice based, with often accompanying written theoretical frameworks that contribute to, expand upon and contextualise research in written and documented forms. A key principle of the centre is a recognition that practice-based research has a transformative impact on our understanding of creativity and culture.

Specific themes include:

  • Mobilities research, borders and migration
  • Health and Creativity
  • Theatricality
  • Creativity, Environment and Social Change

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Adaptation and Appropriation through Painting

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