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Why Should I Study Film at Lancaster?

Since the very first film was shot in Leeds in 1888, cinema has developed into one of the dominant forces in contemporary culture, shaping our understanding of the world and of our own place in it. At both Undergraduate and postgraduate level, Film studies at Lancaster offers you the opportunity to study cinema and its history from a variety of angles, developing a critical understanding of cinema’s development from Victorian novelty to global media business. You will be supported by a dedicated team of full time staff who are publishing academics working internationally with expertise across different areas of Film theory.

Our approach to the study of cinema is underpinned by film theory, a rich body of academic thought that draws on art theory, literary theory, social and political theory, philosophy and psychoanalysis to give us a deeper appreciation of the aesthetic and intellectual complexity of cinema, and a keener understanding of the ways in which films shape our identities and experience.


  • Provision and Resources

    Film Studies is based in the LICA building, a purpose built arts building, completed in 2008 at a cost of 10 million pounds. LICA houses art and design studios, performance and screening spaces, editing suites, seminar rooms and informal group study areas. We have a team of technicians and an equipment store from which students can sign out Digital SLR cameras, projectors and video and sound equipment to support your creative work. In addition to the resources in LICA, the university has its own on campus cinema and a thriving film production society.

    All books and journal are held by the library and students are encouraged to order new publications to enhance our collection of art books.  The University provides labs and enough PC’s for all students, a laptop loan scheme operates and LICA has an equipment store from which students can sign out Digital SLR cameras, projectors and video and sound equipment.  Technicians are on hand to assist students in selecting and using equipment.

    In addition, LICA are pleased to announce IMVBOX  as an 'Education Partner'. IMVBOX is a premier streaming service for Iranian movies with English subtitles outside of Iran. They work closely with the Iranian Film industry and collaborate with top educational institutions around the world to enlighten students about Persian society.

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  • International Opportunities

    We encourage students to develop an international perspective on their thinking and making.  We have an international exchange programme, conduct study trips, and encourage students to visit exhibitions in the region and beyond. 

  • Careers Support

    Our aim is to support into the professions rather than simply into work and jobs.  Our graduates secure work in a wide range of professions ranging from journalism, media , TV, film production and teaching at all levels. 

Download our brochure for more information about undergraduate Film at Lancaster (PDF 885 KB)