Inclusive Teaching and Culture

Our department is relatively large, yet according to most recent measures our staff-student ratio is 11:1. We have had three National Teaching Fellow awards, and our staff regularly receive prizes for their teaching within the university.

We have dedicated administrative Coordinators and academic Directors of Studies for students at all levels, from first-year undergraduates to doctoral students.

We do our best to implement teaching methods that are inclusive of all our students. Staff have had training in the production of accessible training materials and we make teaching materials available on the module specific Moodle sites in advance.

We utilise a combination of teaching and assessment approaches so that we can provide the very best education for all of our students. Students with learning difficulties and disabilities are individually supported. Students who have an Inclusive Learning and Support Plan via the University’s Disabilities Service are invited to an annual meeting with the departmental Disability Advisor to ensure that the department fully understands their support needs and these are then implemented as appropriate. ILSPs are circulated to all relevant members of teaching staff by the departmental teaching co-ordinators and staff meet individually with students about particular modules as necessary. Students with specific learning disorders such as dyslexia can apply for a one-week extension on all pieces of coursework, to allow extra time for writing support and proofreading. We strive to provide creative, cutting-edge solutions to the problems that some students experience due to disabilities, such as 3-D models of diagrams for students with visual impairments.

We have consistently received excellent feedback from our students for the support they have received. Our Part II coordinator, Vicki Haslam, was recognised in the 2016-17 Student Led Teaching Awards in respect of this, winning the Student Experience Impact Award for providing support to students.