We strive to recruit and retain the most qualified staff, foster inclusive and family-friendly working practices, and enable individuals to reach their full potential by providing plentiful opportunities for personal and professional development. All members of staff, whatever their level of seniority and length of service, have a mentor.

Staff Recruitment

We are committed to ensuring a fair and transparent recruitment process for all our research, academic and professional support staff.


New staff joining the department receive a comprehensive induction on the workings of the department and the University in order to have the best start to their career in the Department.

Professional Development

We strongly support the professional and career development of our staff through teaching and learning enhancement, leadership and management training, researcher development, job skills development and personal effectiveness in work roles. 

Organisation and Educational Development

Family-Friendly Practice

We as a department are committed to ensuring that all staff expecting a baby, or in the process of adopting a child are fully and practically supported before, during and after taking leave, enabling them to successfully manage and balance work and childcare commitments. Where possible, timetabling requests take account of the constraints of childcare and other caring responsibilities.

Flexible Working

Our department maintains a culture that is supportive of a positive work-life balance and an enabling approach to flexible working. We have a policy of encouraging colleagues to limit work-related emails to weekdays between 8am and 6pm.


We appreciate that staff are most productive when they have achieved a work-life balance that enables them to effectively meet their responsibilities outside of work, such as caring.