Undergraduate students

We take great pride in all our students and we consistently aim to provide the best possible education, irrespective of your background, learning approaches or support needs.

We strive to exercise total impartiality in our admissions and assessment practices and go the extra mile in providing academic and pastoral support to our students. Each UG student is matched with an Academic Tutor for the duration of their degree. Undergraduate students are monitored and supported by our departmental undergraduate teaching co-ordinators, both of whom are available to students on a drop-in basis for five hours daily. Any student whose attendance or submission record gives cause for concern is contacted and offered support. When appropriate, students are assisted by the teaching co-ordinators to access further support within the University (from academic staff, colleges, Student Wellbeing Services etc). LAEL always strives to go above and beyond in terms of student support and our excellent retention rates reflect this.