1 October 2017
Applied Linguistics PhD student Salomé Villa Larenas has been a driving force in the establishment of the Latin American Association for Language Testing and Assessment (LAALTA).

The association was founded in July at the Language Testing Research Colloquium 2017, which constituted the first time the International Language Testing Association’s annual conference was held in a South American country (Colombia). LAALTA aims to promote best practices of language assessment and testing in educational and professional contexts in Latin America and bring together language testing professionals and researchers from the region.

For her PhD project, Salomé is investigating the language assessment literacy of teacher educators in Chile. While she will be collecting data for her study in Chile in the next couple of months, she will also be undertaking several language assessment literacy development and impact activities, including:

  • A language assessment consultancy for INACAP (a Higher Education Organization which offers vocational and technical education to students across 15 regions in Chile) to revise their assessment documents and policies
  • A workshop on effective item design at the TESOL Chile conference
  • Presentations disseminating her research on language assessment literacy at the TESOL Chile conference and at the Universidad Alberto Hurtado
  • A consultancy for the Chilean Ministry of Education (MINEDUC) to advise on the national programmes of English teaching for 11th grade

We wish Salomé all the very best with these important impact activities!