1 July 2018
On 28th June 2018, Dr. Oksana Afitska from the Department of Linguistics and English Language with financial support from the Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences Strategic Internationalisation Fund, Lancaster University, hosted an International Symposium on Content and Language Integrated Learning.

Academics, professionals, practitioners and students were welcomed to join the event to learn about and discuss theories, research and practice related to various aspects of the Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) type of educational instruction.

The event also touched on other educational contexts that were, in one way or another, similar to CLIL, such as: EAL, ESL, Immersion and Bilingual Education.

Talks were delivered by leading international academics in the field, educational professionals and research students and have shed light on British, Dutch, Finnish, Italian, Scottish, Slovenian, and Spanish educational contexts.

See the CLIL full program and CLIL book of abstracts from the event.