31 October 2018
Vaclav Brezina's new book, Statistics in Corpus Linguistics - A Practical Guide (Cambridge University Press) is published.

This practical guide will equip the reader to understand the key principles of statistical thinking and apply these concepts to their own research, without the need for prior statistical knowledge. The book provides step-by-step guidance through the process of statistical analysis and offers multiple examples of how statistical techniques can be used to analyse and visualize linguistic data. It also includes a useful selection of discussion questions and exercises.

The book comes with a Companion website, which provides additional materials (answers to exercises, datasets, advanced materials, teaching slides etc.) and Lancaster Stats Tools online (http://corpora.lancs.ac.uk/stats), a free click-and-analyse statistical tool for easy calculation of the statistical measures discussed in the book.

For more info see the publisher’s website.

You can preview the book on Google books.