18 October 2018
On Wednesday 17th October Veronika Koller delivered a public lecture "Talking about Brexit - voices from before and after the referendum" at The Storey, Lancaster.

A video of this public lecture is now available, see the Past Public Lectures. 

Event Details: Talking about Brexit - voices from before and after the referendum

A public lecture by Dr Veronika Koller

Politicians, the media and citizens have used language in certain ways to make their arguments in the run-up to and after the EU referendum.

In this lecture, Dr Veronika Koller will address the ways in which language about Brexit has been used in parliament and in speeches by politicians from different parties and with conflicting views. She will also consider how journalists have written about Brexit in news reports and editorials, and how so-called 'ordinary people' discuss the EU referendum on social media, or when interviewed for news and current affairs programmes.

It will be shown how people use metaphors and other language features to make their arguments for Leave or Remain, communicate their identity as British and/or European, and discuss the referendum result and possible ways forward.