29 September 2018
On Saturday 29 September 2018, we welcomed three colleagues from Ghent University to Lancaster for the third Lancaster-Ghent linguistics symposium.

The focus of the event was on grammar in a broad sense. We thoroughly enjoyed the variety of topics, from complementation in language acquisition and convergences between generative and construction grammar to personal pronouns in lie detection and nomination verb structures in Germanic and Romance.

We wish to thank all speakers for their outstanding talks – Renata Enghels, Torsten Leuschner and Justine Métairy from Ghent and Silke Brandt, Mathew Gillings, Willem Hollmann, Carmen Ríos García and Daniel Van Olmen from Lancaster – and all attendees for stimulating discussions, as well as the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Internationalization Fund for the financial support.

We are looking forward to the follow-up event in Ghent!