13 May 2019
On Friday 10 May 2019, five members of staff participated in the follow-up Lancaster-Ghent linguistics symposium on Grammar in Focus in Belgium.

The event covered a variety of topics, from metaphors within systemic functional grammar and the spatial properties of verbs in discourses of political protest to the prepositionalisation of perception verbs in Old French and beneficiary datives in the history of Dutch.

We wish to thank our hosts for their warm welcome, all speakers for their outstanding talks – Thomas Belligh, Timothy Colleman, Evie Coussé, Peter Lauwers and Jasper Vangaever from Ghent and Mathew Gillings, Christopher Hart, Veronika Koller, Isolde van Dorst and Daniel Van Olmen from Lancaster – and all attendees for stimulating discussions, as well as the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Internationalisation Fund for the financial support.