2 May 2019
Language testing PhD student Santi Lestari has been awarded a British Council Assessment Research Award to assist her with her research on scales for rating reading-into-writing tasks.

The funding will enable Santi to collect data from raters marking English language learners’ performances on tasks in which the learners first read texts and then write about these.

In her doctoral research, Santi will be looking into reading-into-writing tasks, which are increasingly popular in language tests and have been argued to improve test authenticity and fairness. While most research on these tasks has compared them with writing-only tasks, or investigated how learners complete the tasks and what the features are of their task performances, Santi's focus will be on the rating scales that are used to mark learners' performances on this task type. Santi's research is expected to provide valuable insights into integrated reading-to-write rating scales and how they are used by raters. This is likely to lead to practical advice for language testers on the design of rating scales for integrated testing, and help ensure reliable and valid rating, and ultimately valid score interpretations of reading-to-write tasks.

Well done to Santi for winning this competitive funding award!