Research Group in Cognitive Linguistics

The Department of Linguistics and English Language at Lancaster University is one of the largest and most diverse centres for cognitive linguistics research in the UK. A number of researchers in the Department of Psychology at Lancaster University also work in areas related to cognitive linguistics.

Our research addresses 'core' areas of cognitive linguistics, including construction grammar, conceptual semantics, metaphor and figurativity, embodiment and simulation, usage-based language acquisition, linguistic typology and linguistic relativity, as well as more ‘applied’ areas including cognitive critical discourse analysis, cognitive stylistics, cognitive sociolinguistics, second language learning and bilingual cognition.

We have hosted major events relating to cognitive linguistics research, including the 5th UK Cognitive Linguistics Conference and the 5th Implicit Learning Seminar. Our members are on the governing board of the UK Cognitive Linguistics Association and the editorial board of the journal Language and Cognition.

Our research group is made up of faculty, PhD students and visiting researchers. We meet regularly to discuss our own and others' research and to host external speakers.