Christos Papadantonakis

MA in Teaching English as a Foreign Language 

Year of Study: 2013/14
Country of origin: Greece

Lancaster University is a nice place to study. Based on my experience, I had access at everything that I needed. The library and the learning zone is indeed well-organized, as you can find everything that you need, from IWB, computer labs to special study area. Along with these, Lancaster University is a very safe place to study in a friendly and inspiring atmosphere.

My experience as a Masters student on the MA in TEFL was invaluable. Theory and practice were interwoven and this assisted me in conceiving how to think critically and synthesize teaching courses. The programme provides a wide range of courses, from introduction to teaching, curriculum design, second language acquisition to teaching and learning in digitally mediated spaces. It is a really well organized programme. Together with that, the Department’s research groups enriched my knowledge both academically and personally and gave me food for thought.

The Department of English Language and Linguistics’ staff were all professional and supportive throughout the year.