Tony Winn

MA in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (by distance)

Year of Study: 2012/4
Country of origin: Portugal

As an educator myself, I found the support given during the two years of this course was first-class on all levels. The structure and aims of the modules, and those of the course as a whole, were clear throughout and the choice of content just right as a stepping stone for deeper engagement with the themes covered.

The content itself was both well-structured and stimulating. I found the balance between exploration of key questions in the field from theoretical, research and pedagogical perspectives spot on. I was particularly impressed by the robust grounding in SLA we were given in the first module and the links made between this and the others.

Consideration of access to resources and thoughts on how to be better than merely competent at postgraduate study were both strands of the course that really helped me as an older distance student. Feedback on weekly tasks and assignments was both authoritative, useful and stimulating.

The opportunities we had to interact with some of leading researchers and practitioners in our field were truly inspirational and the department's reputation for world class research and teaching is truly well-deserved in my opinion. This shone through on this course. I also really appreciated the many insights gleaned from the fellow members of my cohort in our ongoing discussions, as I did the opportunities to work collaboratively with them.

As an aspiring researcher, above all else I appreciate the development of my skills as a critical thinker and the resultant renewal of confidence this course has given me in developing and using my own voice to argue my point clearly and (hopefully!) persuasively.