Viorica Barbu

MA in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) (by distance)

Year of Study: 2014/16
Country of origin: Romania

I found the MA TESOL by Distance programme at Lancaster University to be a wonderfully helpful, well-designed and well-structured course that not only helped further my professional development as a teacher, but also equipped me with the skills and resources that I needed to progress into a teacher training role.

The course itself requires hard work and dedication on the part of the students. However, the structure of the modules, the availability of learning resources, and the interactive aspect of the work helped me keep up and made me feel I was part of a learning community, which I believe were key in my completing the course successfully.

Apart from this, we received enormous support from the course director and module tutors, who were always available and eager to answer our questions and provide constructive feedback on our work. This dynamic extended beyond the taught modules and into my collaboration with my dissertation supervisor, and it was also reflected in the support I received from the administrative staff throughout the duration of the course and even after the course ended.