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Read what our graduates say about studying for a PhD at Lancaster University.

Federica Formato

Federica Formato

The PhD in the department of Linguistics and English Language has been the turning point in my academic career as well as in my life. The professional and personal support I received has been generous, full and solid. My supervisors enormously contributed to my academic growth, providing valuable and constructive feedback throughout the years.

During my PhD, I coordinated the research group in language, gender and sexuality (RiGLS) and attended stimulating research groups, guest seminars and events. I also taught seminars in The Language of Advertising: an invaluable help for my career!

The admin team has been fantastic and I am grateful for all the opportunities I was given; indeed, I obtained the Media Assistant Award to fund my studies and to develop marketable and transferable skills.

The department is extremely friendly and the PhD community extremely lively. I have been the Social Rep for two years and loved every single moment of it. I will never forget the times we met around the table in the bright breakout area, giving each other food ... for thought (or the karaoke sessions and the nights out)! These have been wonderful years!