PhD Linguistics by Research Only

PhD Research Areas

We welcome applications from anyone who wishes to pursue an interest within the broad fields of English language and linguistics, human communication, applied linguistics, and related areas of study. We are a large department with interests in a wide variety of topics, for further information about our research areas please see the research pages.

Discourse Studies

  • (critical) studies of gender and sexuality
  • national identities
  • media interaction
  • metaphor
  • language and politics
  • language and migration
  • academic discourse

Language and Literacy in their Social Contexts

  • sociolinguistics (language variation, language contact, multilingualism)
  • literacy in everyday life, including online

Linguistic Theory and Language Description

  • corpus-based and construction grammar, phonology

Teaching, Learning and Assessment

  • language testing and diagnosis
  • task-based language learning
  • second language acquisition
  • learner language
  • intercultural communication

Methods of Language Research

  • corpora
  • new technologies
  • databases
  • ethnography
  • experiments
  • sociolinguistic surveys