The Research Students' Library

The PhD Students' Resource Room is a facility maintained by and for research students in the Linguistics Department. The Resource Room contains a large collection of PhD theses submitted by the Department's former PhD students, and a small collection of text books, journals and working papers, most of which have been donated by staff and students. 

There is a PhD Student Library Representative who looks after the Resource Room and its holdings. This is currently David Pask-Hughes, who can be contacted by e-mail at

The library is housed on C Floor of County South College, room C21. To access the room, you can get a key from the Postgraduate Coordinators, when their offices are open. The PhD Students' Library Representative also has a key.

You can borrow any of the materials available in the library, but you must sign the register in the room to say what you have borrowed. This way, we can keep track of the materials. We ask that you return anything you borrow in a reasonable period of time so that others who may wish to borrow it can do so.

For a list of thesis in the library see PhD thesis Linguistics and English Language (PDF)