English for Academic Purposes (Study Skills)

2 September – Friday 27 September 2019

The English for Academic Purposes (Study Skills) Programme is for international students intending to study at Lancaster University, and who are required or wish to improve their English language and study skills before starting their degree studies. See the Programme Outline for further details.

Students applying for the programme must first of all have undergone the standard Lancaster University admissions procedures. If you receive either a requirement or a recommendation to take one of the above courses before starting your studies in October, the university Undergraduate or Postgraduate Admissions Office will notify you about which of the courses to take and will indicate what the application procedures are.

There are also a limited number of places available for students who have been accepted into the University without being required or recommended to take one of these courses. If you have received an "unconditional offer" and are interested in enrolling in one of the courses, please contact the Summer Programmes Administration Coordinator for further details.

Cost for 2019


Deadline for applications

5.00pm (UK time) Friday 26 July 2019 – subject to availability

This is the deadline date for which we can guarantee your consideration although we strongly advise that you do not leave it this late in order to ensure you have enough time to obtain your study visa (if required).

You must accept your offer four weeks before the course start date, or if you apply later than the deadline and receive an offer then you must accept immediately so that we can arrange issue of a CAS and you can make an application for your study visa.

There is no application form required, but if you would like to apply to attend the EAP course please e-mail ugadmissions@lancaster.ac.uk (Undergraduate students). For Postgraduate students please contact the relevant Postgraduate Admissions Office.


Please see the Frequently Asked Questions page. Should you have any further questions or queries regarding the entry requirements for the 4-week EAP (Study Skills) Course, please contact the Summer Programmes Administration Coordinator on lael@lancaster.ac.uk