What Our Students Say

Find out from previous students just what it is like to come and study with us. 


Cathie talks about her English Language and Literature degree and her favourite module, which was her dissertation. She talks about how the flexible course structure had allowed her to pursue her increasing interest in the linguistics side of her course.


Robbie talks about his Linguistics degree. He tells how he really enjoyed looking at the unconscious ways in which we communicate by analysing ways in which we talk and write.


Marsha tells us about her Linguistics degree. She tells us how studying linguistics had given her an insight into how language works. And how this understanding inspired her to write a 10,000 word dissertation on one single word, the preposition 'in'.

Chole Davies

Chloe Davies, BA Hons English Language (Graduated 2013)

I have learned a lot from being a student in the Linguistics and English Language Department (LAEL). One of the reasons I decided to go to Lancaster was because there is so much freedom in your module choices. I have studied topics relating to education, advertising and hard-core grammar. I went from not knowing what Linguistics was to being on the executive committee for the LAEL undergraduate society! This year the society has had more guest lecturers and socials than ever before. We try to reach the same academic standards as the department and I think we succeeded! There is such a high standard among the staff here, a group of us studying in LAEL recently worked together to recommend one of our lecturers for ‘Lecturer of the Year’. We did this because like all of the staff in the Department, he was enthusiastic and hardworking and as students we are really passionate and dedicated to the Department.

Donna Galas

Donna Galas, BA Hons English Language in the Media (Graduated 2013)

As a student of English Language in the Media, which is a unique degree, I was able to relate what I learned about English language and linguistics to different types of media. I found it stimulating and inspiring to be in a department where many of the staff are renowned international researchers. The course was challenging and I had to work hard, especially in the technical areas, but it was rewarding. My hard work paid off and I obtained a First Class Honours degree.