Academic Entry Requirements

We accept applications from school leavers, graduates and those returning to higher education via specified Access courses. There is no 4-year Graduate entry programme at Lancaster but graduates are eligible to apply for the 5-year undergraduate programme.

Entry requirements for our medical degree programme include both academic and non-academic criteria. Applicants must provide evidence of excellent attainment in general (eg GCSE) and advanced secondary (eg A-level) education. Detailed information about the entry requirements can be found below.

We do not use UKCAT in our selection process but all applicants will be expected to complete the Biomedical Admissions Test (BMAT) in either September (before application) or October 2018 (after application). For more information, please see the BMAT website

From September 2014 entry there are four places available to international students. No offers are made without interview and, therefore, all overseas applicants must be prepared to travel to Lancaster University for interview, with no guarantee of being successful. For more details, please see our International applicants page.


In general, we do not consider re-applications from applicants who applied in a previous admissions cycle and were unsuccessful after interview. Applicants who were rejected prior to interview in a previous admissions cycle can re-apply if they can demonstrate additional evidence of their potential. For instance, an applicant who has sought additional relevant work experience in the intervening period and reflected well on these experiences in an updated personal statement.

Resit Policy

Lancaster Medical School will consider applications from applicants who have taken longer than 2 years to achieve the required grades at A-level, if the applicant otherwise meets the GCSE criteria and the non-academic entry requirements. This includes those who are resitting their A-levels (one or more subjects) or are taking additional A-levels after the end of year 13 or repeated all of year 12.

In absence of mitigating circumstances, you must have achieved at least ABB in your A-Levels at the first attempt. Otherwise, all AS and A2-levels must be at least grade C, at the first sitting, regardless of the mitigating circumstances.

All resit applicants must achieve the required grades after 3 years of study at A2 level.

Similar criteria apply to applicants who have failed to achieve the required grades in the International Baccalaureate or Scottish qualifications at the first attempt. Such applicants may apply if they are resitting (or resitting components of) these qualifications.

Applicants who have taken longer than 2 years to achieve the required grades at A-Level (or equivalent) should mention this and reflect on the circumstances in their UCAS personal statement.