Why Study Medicine?

Medicine is a challenging but rewarding career that offers an enormous variety of possible career paths, almost 100% employment after graduation and excellent remuneration.

As a doctor you will have to face the intellectual challenge of diagnosis, apply critical analytical and reasoning skills to decide on the best treatment for your patients, provide an empathetic and understanding ear to your patients and their families (often in times of great distress) and work effectively in a team with other healthcare professionals.  If you want to make a difference to patients’ lives, if you have an enquiring mind and an aptitude for science, and if you enjoy working with people, then medicine might be the career for you.

Medical graduates have a wealth of possible career opportunities in clinical practice, public health or medical research.  Most medical graduates work in clinical practice, either in hospitals or in the community; there are more than 60 different clinical specialities to choose from and approximately half of all UK medical graduates work in general practice. 

For more information see NHS Medical Careers.