Welcome Week 2019

Congratulations on joining us in Lonsdale, ‘Simply the Best’ College! We hope that you have a very happy and successful time here.

Welcome to Lonsdale College

We would like to congratulate you on becoming a member of Lonsdale ‘Simply the Best’ College based on South West Campus – a short (10 minute) walk to main campus. We can boast our sociable and diverse community and once a Lonsdalion, always a Lonsdalion. The College Team (SCR Exec) and Student Committee (JCR Exec) have planned a fantastic welcome week for you and we are looking forward to meeting you very shortly.

College Membership Fee

All students, both resident students and commuter students, become members of a college when they join Lancaster University. Each college has slightly different facilities and delivers a varied range of activities and events, all with the aim of providing an environment that enhances study, recreation and personal development, as well as a support network provided by staff. To help deliver these aims, each student is charged a one-off membership fee when they join the university. All income received via membership fees is spent on supporting and enhancing the college community. This is only paid once during your time at university and it should be paid via the online store prior to your arrival.

Standard Membership £36

All undergraduate members of Lonsdale will be charged £36. This fee covers the full period of your degree.

Exchange Membership £12

A fee of £12 will apply for visiting students joining Lonsdale College for an academic year/ any part of an academic year.

Lonsdale Arrivals

Saturday 28 September from 10:00

Lonsdale students who will be living on campus should arrive on Saturday 28 September. Welcome Reps (wearing blue t-shirts) will be on hand to help get you moved in, they will show you where to collect your keys and then to your room. All our welcome reps are second and third year Lonsdale students and have experience they can impart to you. We recommend that you try to arrive at the college before 16:00 as your reps will be gathering you and your new flatmates together and taking you to the Welcome Talk in the Great Hall (16:30) for a chance to meet the College Team (SCR) and Student Team (JCR). Following the talk we will all head back to Lonsdale for our legendary FREE (wherever you see this word – go for it!) baked potatoes.

Car parking procedure for students arriving by car

As you can well imagine, with several thousands of students arriving (mostly in cars), there is the potential for chaos and gridlock on campus! This raises a real safety issue if the emergency service vehicles (Fire Engines and Ambulances) cannot access some parts of the College should the need arise. We would be grateful if you could follow the procedure outlined below which will go a long way to help prevent any parking problems.

Enter the campus via the southern Alexandra Park entrance (the first set of traffic lights after the village of Galgate once you depart the motorway). Look out for the Lonsdale Fresher Reps in the blue t-shirts with the ‘Freshers Rep’ on their back.

These current students will be helping move you in and will be spending the week with you showing you what Lancaster is all about; passing on their knowledge.

One of these reps will direct you to the nearest place to park. You will then be taken (on foot) to Lonsdale House to collect your room keys. Once you have transferred your luggage you must move your car to the large car park (where you entered Alexandra Park) and leave it there as long as you wish.

If everyone follows this procedure, then arrivals should run smoothly and safely for everyone.

Thank you in advance for your co-operation.

Off-campus students

You are still a member of Lonsdale and we actively encourage you to participate in all events and in college life to make the most of your time here at Lancaster. If you have any queries, please contact Julie in the College Office (A09).

Please come along to our 'Meet your College' event in the Study Room on the first floor of the College on Monday 30 September from 11:00 until 12 noon to meet College and student officers, have some refreshments, collect your college pack and take a look around the college. This is an opportunity to meet other off-campus students also.

Welcome Week Events and Activities

Welcome Week runs from Monday 30 September This is for a week to Sunday 6 October and provides an opportunity for you to get to know your college, find your way around campus and settle in before your academic work begins.

The 9 Colleges have planned a tour around the historic Lancaster Castle if you fancy a quieter night out. Click here to book and for further information.

The JCR and SCR have planned a variety of events for you to attend, some are essential induction events and others are optional social activities, if you are feeling apprehensive about coming to university, these can be a good way of meeting other students and familiarising yourself with your new environment. Just remember that you don’t need to attend every event on offer, you will still have a great time even with the occasional night off. If you do have any worries or concerns, pop in to see Julie for a friendly chat at any point.

All events are on iLancaster, this is where you can access your personalised welcome week timetable.

Welcome Week Schedule

We’ve got a packed schedule for our new students arriving in 2019. This is on top of University events such as Freshers’ Fayre, and other events organised by your department. Don't forget to follow us on social media for all your latest news and updates.

Saturday 28 September

  • Arrivals
  • Welcome talks
  • Free baked potatoes

Sunday 29 September

Monday 30 September

Tuesday 1 October

Wednesday 2 October

Thursday 3 October

Friday 4 October

Saturday 5 October

Sunday 6 October

Sunday 7th October