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21 Yr. Old Mass Murderer

Richard Barr


Dear Sir(s):

                     My good men, there needs to be brought to your attention a very dangerous yet virtually invisible state of affairs occurring right under our very noses. I request that you spare me a little of your time to consider the information contained herein.

As you are no doubt aware, there has been, in these last 12 months, a number of what the mass media like to refer to as spree killings which have taken place across the length and breadth of this country. Many have been killed - kids, the elderly and everyone in between. The locations of these foul acts are as random as the victims – schools, shopping centres, carnivals, fun parks...I could go on. People, some people, pay close attention to these incidents and what happens afterward. They notice anomalies, things that don’t add up. I am one of these people.

My own various lines of enquiry have brought me to some strange places. But these places, while strange, are very real and very tangible to me. I have distributed this research far and wide and there are others that share my beliefs. To them these strange places, beyond the comprehension of many, are also very real and very tangible.

If, in the aftermath of one of these incidents, your primary source of information on what happened is the TV news and/or print media, you are on one level already engaging in a type of research, though you may not be aware of it. If you are a savvy media consumer you will not fail to be astonished by the lack of parity in the opinions and pronouncements of the various branches of law enforcement as well as the expert talking heads of Television. In the 24-48 hour period after the incident has occurred you will find yourself bombarded by a mishmash of claims, facts, updates, confirmations and, finally, by day’s end, summaries.

Sometimes, in the midst of all this information, one must stop and stand still, and if he is an inquisitive man, must turn over every rock and explore every avenue, meticulously applying a keen discernment be it informed by simple common sense or something more significant. In an awake and healthy citizenry, every man must reach his own conclusions free of the mendacious encroachment of those that would like to sculpt our reality for us. But every man, in reaching those conclusions, must do so in a manner that is thorough and completely fearless of the truth, no matter the repercussions. It is by adhering to these principles that I am able to understand and, by extension, chronicle what is occurring in this country today.

It is my contention that these killers, these mass murderers, are, in many cases, not acting alone. Eyewitnesses, lucky to escape the scene of the crime, often tell of gunshots coming from various locations. We have footage caught on camera phones that go some way in verifying these claims – the audio pickup on these devices being of such high quality nowadays that we are able to isolate particular aspects of the soundtrack and enhance them.

So you could therefore assume then that in some (but not all) of these incidents, there is more than one shooter. Yet our law enforcement officials issue and repeat the ‘lone-gunman’ line time and again, just like clockwork, regardless of evidence to the contrary. However, for the moment, we will leave aside any speculation as to the number of shooters on-site and instead we will focus on those facilitating things sub rosa. In a broader sense, let’s take a peek behind the curtain and witness those intelligent controllers at work, pulling the leavers behind the scenes of common times.

Once the first 48hrs have passed, and things have to a degree settled down, some semblance of what is commonly referred to as the narrative is established, almost subliminally, in the minds of the watching public: killer, 21 yr. old white male, troubled domestic circumstances.

Interviews are conducted with colleagues and acquaintances, ‘He was a kinda quiet, kinda weird kinda guy. Always had his hood up and he spent all day in his dorm listening to death metal.’

The rolling news channels will freeze all normal services briefly (but often), and with their swoosh FX and an accompanying loud graphic, they will excitedly issue newly released pictures of our 21 yr. old white male mass murderer. In one of these pictures he stands among friends; all members of some after school club. In another it’s just him, mid-shot, standing under a tree. He would like to pose, natural and cool, but his eyes tell a different story. People like me study these expressions of his for signs of trauma based mind control or something akin to that. There are programs running in this country, at the behest of evil men, which specialize in developing techniques used in the creation and continued control of the completely, unanswerably obedient - total human slaves. We’ve all seen it on the television or at a cabaret club, mesmerists putting some unwitting dupe into a trance and commanding them to act like a dog or speak in a funny voice. That is what this is; only infinitely more advanced in its execution and infinitely more evil in its intention. There are many of these programs in operation today. This is all well documented.

But these photos, they are our starting point and we are very quick in noticing discrepancies. Technology today is an invaluable aid in our fight against ___________. Technology allows us to uncover those little puzzle pieces that previously went unseen.

This last episode we had in that mall, a buddy of mine, a guy that’s in the same line of work as me, flagged up a few inconsistencies in the first batch of photos they issued of that particular kid. There were two pictures to be exact – the first one he’s at a table in some restaurant, his parents sitting on either side of him. You’ll have seen the one. Well, in that photo his eyes are green. The second of the two photos shows him at work on a small engine. He is looking up and he’s staring directly at the camera. In this photo his eyes are blue. My buddy hit a real home run on this one: subjected the images to a whole battery of tests...the results are irrefutable. This has led me to arrive again at one of those strange places I spoke about earlier. This, though, I have to say, is the strangest of the strange, and something I will now elaborate on.

It is my firm belief that the controllers, oligarchic elite, call what you will, create in these shooters, like the kid described above, what I like to call an anti-celebrity. A fiction. A general antagonist to bring the horrors to us all. When you look for a history of them, be it in the public records or whatever, many a time you will not find one. Their Social Security Numbers and their school records, all elusive. Then you realize that the amount and type of weaponry found on them, after the shooting’s stopped, would massively exceed in terms of cost what he could afford in his capacity as a student/barman/veteran – take your pick. So you ask yourself then, whose project has this been? Who has sponsored this heinous thing?

It is in taking these deductions onto their next logical stage that you will find yourself arriving at those same strange places, too. For these 21 yr. old white male mass murderers, standing alone under a sycamore tree or eating with their parents, theirs is an invented life with invented histories that are vast in their detail and commonplace minutiae. And the kids paraded past waiting television cameras, being led into and out of courtrooms, they are husks of people, their minds fragmented and highly susceptible to the most absurd and injurious of commands, be they, ‘plead guilty’ or even ‘kill yourself’.

We watch as they have their charges read out to them, we watch, with growing morbid curiosity, as they, in response, stare dead ahead, nonplussed. But what we do not know is that the real and most times tragic background of the sad case they’ve got playing the accused bears absolutely no resemblance to the history attributed him by the propagandists of our eminent fourth estate.

And so this is where the circle meets: the lie, the fiction, is given a face and a Google search ranking and many hours of TV exposure.

In some musky Pentagon basement, experts in fields of research & development totally alien to the likes of us are plotting to conquer all that lies on that next horizon. The realization of their diabolical masterpiece will come with the fundamental emasculation of everything that does or will exist; for now and the rest of time. To bring this about a discreet and fragmented putsch is being mounted, culminating in our complete and total acquiescence. These incidents I have spoken of here are but the initial stages in a criminal and tyrannical exercise more grotesque, more baneful than words can tell...

Might we be able to overcome what lies before us? Might the ants defeat the elephant? Based on what I have seen of the citizenry in this country of late, it pains me to say that we can’t. If we could, we would be our own best solution, as it is we are our own worst enemy. We are our own jailers; the inquisitive man I spoke of earlier is on the point of extinction in this country today. Enquiry, critical thinking, even our incredulity has been stripped away. They know that we outnumber them, and have designed their contingencies accordingly. We police ourselves and each other: no colouring outside the lines, don’t pursue that line of questioning, that belief system is bogus, if the majority say it and the majority know then it is right. This is the program seen from a distance. This is how they keep us on the periphery of their web. So it has ever been, I suppose.

Despite the fact I have little to no faith in the general public or their ability to fight this onslaught, I nevertheless feel it is my duty to inform them of the coming dangers. One must of course take into consideration that things in this country for the average family are tough, real tough at the moment. People are having a hard enough time keeping up with the rent and the bills to fret over what they would no doubt consider the paranoid, rambling delusions of a madman. But I, unlike them, am not preoccupied with caring for my family or holding down a 9 to 5. Those things are long past me now. It is this work which is what keeps me going, and I hope that if even a few people take heed, then all my efforts will not have been in vain. 

I should be proud of this work I’ve done. I should be on every major TV station in the land. Headline news. But instead I am afraid.

Last week, going out to get my groceries, I spotted a car sitting directly across the street from me. There were two men in the car. They were watching me. There are many nights the phone rings and when I pick it up there is no one there.

I am an old man and I am afraid.

So I implore you, good Sir(s), to assist me in this, my hour of need. My work for you in the past has been invaluable and I feel that I have earned the right to call in a few favours.

I await your response with great anticipation.

Yours truly,

PO Box 43920518-A,

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