Management Student Internships

Inject your business with innovative ideas, enthusiasm and talent from our MSc Management programme.

About Internships

For employers who are looking for the very best quality of staff, an internship is an excellent way to build a pipeline of committed and intelligent young professionals. It provides an opportunity to get a head start on recruiting the best new graduates for your company, or simply serves as an excellent solution to a short term project, with no recruitment costs to you.

Our MSc Management (2-year) with EMLYON Business School (Lyon, France) and Ludwig Maximilian Universität (Munich, Germany) gives you access to exceptional talent with an interest in international business from a European and global perspective. As part of this programme, first year students take part in an internship which can be in the form of a project or work experience that meets with any other business need you may have. These are normally around 6 months in duration, from March/April until August.

You can also tap into our graduate talent by promoting your permanent vacancies with us. Simply let us know what type of candidates you are looking for, and we will do the rest.

The Benefits

Hiring an MSC Management (2-year) intern could be a valuable asset to your company because they can provide a wide range of skills and a new perspective.

Programme Flexibility

If a single internship doesn't quite meet your needs, we can arrange another student to take over and continue supporting on the project. After the first six-month placement, there is the opportunity to overlap with another intern, allowing the first student to train the second in order to create a seamless handover. We can also create shorter projects and consultancy services to suit your needs, linking our students with you for group projects as part of their dissertation.