Bright Idea for Liverpool marketing boss to take Lancaster University Help to Grow programme

A Liverpool marketing firm boss discovered a renewed energy to take his company to new heights on the Help to Grow Management Programme.

Nahim Choudhury, Founder and Director of the Bright Marketing Ideas Group (BMIG) marketing agency – based in Liverpool and working with clients throughout the North West – was among the first cohort to complete Help to Grow with LUMS.

Nahim, whose agency helps companies generate creative branding both offline and online, spent 12 weeks on Help to Grow gaining ideas and inspiration alongside regional business leaders. The programme provided the perfect opportunity for him to reset and plan for a new future after confronting challenges presented both by the Covid-19 pandemic and by Brexit.

“The last few years have been very tough on our business, be it through Covid lockdowns or staffing problems because of Brexit,” said Nahim. “Instead of growth, our focus was on survival but now we feel we need to move on. We needed support and Help to Grow was ideal for helping me reset, reflect and restart BMIG for 2022, thinking about what areas of growth we can take advantage of.

“The comprehensive programme gave me confidence and refreshed my passion in my business. It took me back to why I fell in love with marketing and made me realise why I actually started the business so many years ago.”

Delivered by LUMS in association with the Chartered Association of Business Schools and the UK Government Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), Help to Grow focuses on increasing skills and knowledge to boost growth potential in businesses in a constantly-changing operating environment.

Nahim worked with his fellow businesspeople and a mentor from within LUMS with a background in marketing, allowing him access to valuable external perspectives on his business.

“The best part was having access to like-minded business people who are facing similar challenges,” he added. “It was the kick up the backside I needed to really push BMIG forwards.

“I was very fortunate as well to have a mentor who was in the same industry, and found there was synergy in terms of me focusing on brand marketing and my mentor having greater expertise in digital marketing.

“This really felt like a mini MBA where most of the subjects were covered at a strategic level. That will certainly help businesses grow and become more successful.”

LUMS Help to Grow Programme Leader Dr Radka Newton said: “Nahim is a wonderful example of how Help to Grow can provide inspiration and drive for businesses who have had so much to deal with over the past two years. At Lancaster University Management School, we have a long and respected history of working alongside and helping businesses across the region, and Help to Grow allows us to reach new companies and business leaders, and allow them to benefit from our expertise.”

Nahim's experience

Nahim speaks about his experience on the Help to Grow programme