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A project developed by the Economics Department at Lancaster University Management School aimed at improving understanding of the UK national and regional house price dynamics. The UK Housing Observatory is now interactive and has moved to a new domain: https://uk.housing-observatory.com


About Us

The UK Housing Observatory is a project of the Economics Department at Lancaster University Management School (LUMS) aiming to improve our understanding of the UK national and regional housing markets. 

We provide a comprehensive publicly available set of information and tools to perform real-time monitoring of domestic real estate markets both at the national and regional level. We generate a novel House Price Uncertainty Index; original Indicators of House Price Exuberance, and produce Forecasts of house price growth for 1,2,3 and 4 quarters ahead for the UK national and regional markets, updated quarterly. Please note our disclaimer in regards to the usage of our data.

Our research is not confined to the UK real estate market alone. We work in cooperation with the International House Price Database of the Globalization and Monetary Policy Institute on providing similar exuberance indicators for international markets, which are available at The Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas website.


In the media


How a no-deal Brexit will affect house prices

Ivan Paya, Director of the UK Housing Observatory, was interviewed for i news about how he expects a no-deal Brexit to affect the UK housing market through “several channels”. "Over the last two quarters, we have observed that the house price uncertainty (HPU) index computed by the UK Housing Observatory has increased by more than 80 per cent, signalling a risk to the housing market and overall performance of the country’s economy.”

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Latest Release: 2019 Q2

Overview: The annual growth rate currently stands at 0.7%. Property prices in Greater London have fallen by nearly 4.5% since the historical maximum of 2017 Q1.

To find out more view our Summary of the latest release.



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