Professor Juliana Sutanto

I joined LUMS in 2015 as Professor in Information Systems. With my computing background, my research integrates design science and behavioural science.

I am currently doing research on data-informed decision and policy-making, digital transformation, health information systems and information systems for disaster management. Across these topics, I am actively engaging with local and international stakeholders as I am not only pursuing research publications but also aspiring to make real impacts in organizations and societies.

LUMS supports me in realising this ambition through the engagement and partnership development support and impact acceleration fund. My research on data-informed decision and policy-making is about how private and public organisations can extract value from their data. Digital transformation research is helping an organisation towards its transition to Industry 4.0.

The research on health information systems begins with an understanding of the effective use of telemedicine applications in one country. The findings inform a telemedicine design in another country. With the impact acceleration fund, a workshop in the United Nations Conference Centre in Bangkok was organised, which was attended by the stakeholders in disaster management and emergency response in Southeast Asia. The workshop was instrumental in successfully acquiring research funding to design a Decision Support System for natural disaster response.

The university’s collegial atmosphere and collaborative space nurture interdisciplinary research. Besides research collaborations, I co-supervise doctoral students with colleagues from other disciplines in LUMS. The students benefit from cross-disciplinary learning that encourages a multi-lens understanding of a research problem. Serving on the editorial board of leading journals in Information Systems allows me to impart valuable knowledge to my doctoral students that will help them at present and in their future academic careers.