PhDs in Materials Science

Study for a PhD in the emerging field of Materials Science at a top twenty UK University.

Develop your own PhD proposal

A student checks on the work of a 3D printer

Materials Science PhD

Our Materials Science PhD offers you an exciting opportunity to undertake and manage your own research project, gain valuable laboratory experience and forge important relationships in the professional sphere.

Areas of research fall within (but are not limited to) the diverse portfolio of our academic staff – chemistry, engineering, physics, health and medicine.

Materials Science PhD

Funded PhD Opportunities

Centre for Global Eco-Innovation

There are currently no Funded PhD Opportunities at the Centre for Global Eco-Innovation.

GISMO - Greater Innovation for Smarter Materials Optimisation

The Materials Science, based at Lancaster University is an interdisciplinary institute tackling grand challenges in society and industry. The Institute has 9 fully-funded 3 year Graduate Researcher (PhD) studentships available to start in October 2020. The studentships are part of the £4.4m Greater Innovation for Smarter Materials Optimisation (GISMO) Project. GISMO is part-financed by the European Regional Development Fund and will engage over 250 innovative SMEs in the Cheshire and Warrington in the chemicals, aerospace, automotive, energy, applied healthcare, and life sciences sectors, solving industry-driven challenges through innovations in 'smart' materials.