Research Teams

  • Dr Fabrice Andrieux

    Electrochemical sensor characterisation; process modelling batteries

  • Professor Jamshed Anwar

    Molecular simulations, solids, soft matter & liquids; Speciality biomolecules, organics

  • Professor Colin Boxall

    Corrosion processes (nuclear); steels and graphite

  • Dr David Cheneler

    Material modelling (FEA, FDM, FUM); biomaterials; mechanical characterisation

  • Dr Neil Drummond

    Electronic structure calculation (quantum Monte Carlo calculation in particular); applications in 2D, semi-conductors, high pressure, physics etc

  • Dr John Griffin

    Molecular structural & dynamic characterisation of solids; molecular level modelling of solids (structure, geometry, disorder)

  • Professor Manus Hayne

    Optical Spectroscopy; ultra-high magnetic fields

  • Dr Xiao Hua

    X-ray scattering; pair distribution function; atomic structure modelling (distortion, disorder, nanostructure); big-data approach

  • Dr Samuel Jarvis

    Single molecule and atomic resolution imaging and characterisation; UHV growth functional molecular structures

  • Dr Andrew Kerridge

    Electronic structure simulation; nuclear materials; materials simulation, structural/characterisation energetics

  • Professor Colin Lambert

    Multi-scale modelling of surfaces and interfaces between inorganic/organic materials, including electron and phonon transport.

  • Dr Edward McCann

    2D materials, modelling, mesoscopic, electronic transport and spectroscopy modelling (various)

  • Dr Daniel Muenstermann

    Expertise in radiation damage modelling in semiconductors

  • Professor Claudio Paoloni

    Nanoscale surface roughness

  • Dr Benjamin Robinson

    Nanoscale scanning probe microscopy; solid/liquid interfaces

  • Dr Kathryn Toghill

    Electrochemistry - analytical methods both electrochemical and traditional; thermodynamics, kinetics, characterisation of redox molecules and redox active surfaces

  • Dr Abbie Trewin

    Computational methodologies (DFT) for structural generation, analysis and characterisation of porous materials; surface area, gas adsorption

  • Professor Jianqiao Ye

    Modelling of laminated composite aircraft wing panels; failure damage

  • Professor Oleg Kolosov

    Nanoscale characterisation of materials surfaces, mechanical, thermal, electrical, thermoelectrical; time domain/dynamic US-MSl; 3D C 1µm -1µm depth