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Positivity Problems Associated to Permutation Patterns

6 – 10 June 2022

The aim of the workshop is to bring together a team of researchers with the goal of combining complementary areas of expertise and developing a more fundamental understanding of pattern avoidance in permutations. It will focus on the surprising, likely ‘structural’, connections between pattern avoidance and fundamental constructions in probability theory. This meeting is an opportunity to capitalise on recent research momentum in order to collaboratively tackle a major open problem in combinatorics, by establishing a new connection between the study of permutation patterns and classical and noncommutative probability theory.

Organisers: Natasha Blitvic, Tomack Gilmore and Einar Steingrimsson

This meeting is supported by the Heilbronn Institute Small Grants Scheme and by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Lancaster University.


This meeting will take place in person at Lancaster University in the Postgraduate Statistics Centre (PSC) in lecture theatre A54, located on the ground floor at the end of the building. View the .


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  • Philippe Biane
  • Natasha Blitvic
  • Bishal Deb
  • Tony Guttmann
  • Slim Kammoun
  • Greta Panova
  • Andrew Elvey Price
  • Henning Schomerus
  • Alan Sokal
  • Einar Steingrimsson
  • Dirk Zeindler
  • Jiang Zeng