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International Workshop on Operator Theory and its Applications

Monday 16th - Friday 20th August 2021

The International Workshop on Operator Theory and its Applications meets annually to bring together mathematicians and engineers who work in functional analysis and its application to related areas.

This meeting will feature plenary lectures by established experts, and workshop sessions for emerging areas of research. Early career researchers are welcome to participate. To discuss the scientific programme, please email Gordon Blower (

Plenary Speakers

  • Charles Batty

    University of Oxford, title of talk: Bounded functional calculi for unbounded operators

  • Kenneth Dykema

    Texas A&M University

  • John E. McCarthy

    Washington University in St Louis, title of talk: Complete Pick spaces-what are they, and why are they interesting?

  • Vern Paulsen

    University of Waterloo, title of talk: Cooperative games and entanglement

Semiplenary Speakers

  • Daniel Alpay

    Chapman University, title of talk: Discrete analytic functions and Schur analysis

  • Fritz Gesztesy

    Baylor University, title of talk: Continuity properties of the spectral shift function for massless Dirac operators and an application to the Witten index

  • Benoit Collins

    Kyoto University, title of talk: On the norm convergence of multi matrix random matrix models

  • Raul Curto

    University of Iowa, title of talk: The Beurling--Lax--Halmos theorem for infinite multiplicity

  • Omar El Fallah

    Mohammed V University in Rabat, title of talk: Singular values of Hankel operators on Bergman spaces

  • Håkan Hedenmalm

    Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) Stockholm, title of talk: Planar orthogonal polynomials and soft Riemann-Hilbert problems

  • Christian Le Merdy

    Université de Franche-comté, title of talk: l^1 bounded maps and S^1 bounded maps on noncommutative L^p spaces

  • Zinaida Lykova

    Newcastle University

  • Magdalena Musat

    University of Copenhagen, title of talk: Factorizable quantum channels, non-closure of quantum correlations and the Connes Embedding Problem

  • Mihai Putinar

    University of California at Santa Barbara

  • Victor Vinnikov

    Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, title of talk: A Beurling-type theorem for indefinite Hardy spaces on finite bordered Riemann surfaces

  • Jurij Volčič

    Texas A&M University, title of talk: Positive noncommutative rational functions

Special Sessions

The programme will include Special Sessions on the following topics (the standard length of talk is 30 minutes incuding questions):

  1. Operator spaces, quantized function theory and noncommutative Lp spaces
    Organizers: David Blecher (Houston) and Christian le Merdy (Franche-Comte)
  2. Operator algebras
    Organizer: Joachim Zacharias (Glasgow)
  3. Operator Algebras in Quantum Theory
    Organizers: Jason Crann (Carleton University, Canada) and Ivan Todorov (Queen’s Belfast, UK)
  4. Noncommutative Probability and Random Matrices
    Organizers: Jani Virtanen (Reading, UK) and Ken Dykema (TAMU, USA)
  5. Operator semigroups and functional calculus
    Organizers: Markus Haase (Kiel) and Yuri Tomilov (IMPAN, Warsaw)
  6. Spectral theory and differential operators
    Organizers: Malcolm Brown (Cardiff, UK), Ian Wood (Kent, UK) and Andrii Khrabustovskyi (Graz, Austria)
  7. Operator Theory and Communications
    Organizer: Lucinda Hadley (Lancaster)
  8. Complex geometry and operator theory
    Organizers: Tirthankar Bhattacharyya (IISc Bangalore) and Łukasz Kosiński (Jagiellonian Univ, Krakow)
  9. Free algebraic geometry and free analysis
    Organizers: Viktor Vinnikov (Ben Gurion) and Juric Volcic (TAMU)
  10. Emerging topics: from Operator Algebras to Geometric Rigidity
    Organizers: Derek Kitson (Mary Immaculate College) and Rupert Levene (University College, Dublin)
  11. Early career researchers
    Organizers: Lefteris Kastis and Maria Eugenia Celorrio Ramirez (Lancaster)
  12. Quantum groups and algebraic quantum field theory
    Organizers: Robin Hillier (Lancaster) and Uwe Franz (Besancon)
  13. TBC
  14. Multivariable Operator Theory
    Organizers: Michael Dritschel (Newcastle, UK) and Greg Knese (Washington St Louis, USA)
  15. Complex Analysis and Operator Theory
    Organizer: Kehe Zhu (Albany) and Jani Virtanen (Reading, UK)
  16. Operator ideals and operators on Banach spaces
    Organizers: Kevin Beanland (Washington and Lee University, Virginia, USA), Tomasz Kania (Jagiellonian University, Krakow, Poland, and Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague) and Niels Laustsen (Lancaster)


The timetable for Plenary and Semiplenary lectures and Special Sessions can be found here (please note that the timetable is subject to change, and will be updated regularly): IWOTA Lancaster UK 2021 Timetable


IWOTA Lancaster UK 2021 is online. The Special Sessions will be Zoom Meetings; the plenary and semi-plenary talks will be streamed live on the internet. The links for these talks will be available to the registered participants.

Registration for IWOTA Lancaster UK is now open.

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