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Analysis and Probability

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Research areas of the Analysis and Probability group include Functional Analysis, Operator Theory, Noncommutative Probability, Pure and Applied Probability and Stochastic Processes.

Functional Analysis

  • Banach algebras, Banach spaces (Yemon Choi, Garth Dales, Graham Jameson, Niels Laustsen)
  • Operator algebras (Gabor Elek, Niels Laustsen, Martin Lindsay, Steve Power)

Operator Theory

  • Operator theory, Operator semigroups (Alex Belton, Gordon Blower, Derek Kitson, Martin Lindsay, Steve Power)
  • PDE in mathematical physics, including Schroedinger and Dirac operators (Daniel Elton)

Noncommutative Probability

  • Quantum probability, Free probability (Alex Belton, Natasha Blitvic, Gabor Elek, Robin Hillier, Martin Lindsay)
  • Quantum groups (Yemon Choi, Garth Dales, Robin Hillier, Martin Lindsay)
  • Random matrix theory (Gordon Blower, Dirk Zeindler)

Probability and Stochastic Processes

  • Markov chains (Dmitry Korshunov, Pete Neal)
  • Limit theorems, Large deviations (Dmitry Korshunov, Amanda Turner, Dirk Zeindler)
  • Applied probability (Dmitry Korshunov, Pete Neal)
  • Stochastic approximation (David Leslie)
  • Stochastic Loewner equations (Amanda Turner)