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Studying at Lancaster

Academic Support

In the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, we ensure that our students receive the support that they need in order to achieve their full academic potential. We are a friendly department and foster a highly supportive learning environment.

Academic Tutors

Each student is assigned their own Tutor for the duration of their studies, meeting in intro week of the first term and once per term thereafter. Your Tutor is available for on-demand, one-to-one consultation, and to discuss personal development. This includes assistance with module choices, monitoring of progress, support with career aspirations and provision of references, as well as providing information regarding other services available throughout the University.

Academic Advisors are responsible for a maximum of ten students per year group. If a Tutor is away for a single term, their tutorial responsibilities fall to the Director of Studies of that year group. If a tutor is away for longer, students will be assigned another Academic Tutor.

Staff-Student Consultative Committees

These committees are held with the purpose of discussing matters from Departmental meetings that are relevant to the student community, to formulate items for discussion at Departmental meetings, to gain student views on matters such as teaching and university life, and to act on these to improve the student experience.

The meetings are held once per five-week teaching block and are chaired by a student representative. Heads of Undergraduate and Postgraduate Teaching are in attendance, as well as Directors of Studies for years 1-4, student representatives for those years, and a postgraduate research student representative. The Part II Co-ordinator acts as secretary for the meetings, and the minutes are posted online via the intranet.

Equality and Diversity Initiatives

The Department has an Equality and Diversity Committee to monitor its progress in these areas. This is chaired by Dr Natasha Blitvic, with Dr Amanda Turner being our Equality and Diversity representative.

The Committee analyses trends in the representation of minorities and create action plans for these, holding yearly focus groups to identify issues and assess the mindset of staff and students. The findings are reported to departmental management, and the wider Department informed of progress made. The group consists of representatives of students, professional and academic staff.

Maths Café

We hold a Maths Café event every Monday in Fylde Common Room from 11:00 – 13:00. These are hosted by students in their third and fourth year, and provide help and support to undergraduate students in all years. The Maths Café is organised by LUMSS and if you have a question, please contact

Student Learning Advisor

In addition, the Faculty of Science and Technology’s Student Learning Advisor, Dr Robert Blake, offers free consultations to help you improve your scientific writing and help your coursework to achieve its full potential. Find out more.

Student accommodation at Lancaster University


We have been rated the UK's Best University Halls seven times since 2010 in the annual National Student Housing Survey.


Careers and personal development

Our undergraduate and postgraduate degrees provide excellent employment prospects.

  • Professional Experience

    Many of our degrees have the option to work on projects and dissertations for external companies. We also offer industrial placements and industry specific modules.

  • Internships

    Our students and recent graduates can apply for relevant, paid work experience. Internships allow you to apply your knowledge in real-world situations, and get paid for it!

  • Careers Support

    Our careers service offers lifetime support, help and friendly advice. Search for opportunities or explore options for further study.

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Life at Lancaster

Lancaster University is diverse, varied, international, exciting and vibrant. You couldn’t ask for a better student experience!

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