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Social Work

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Our Social Work Degree is situated in the Sociology Department at Lancaster, which has particular strengths related to social inequalities. You can find out more on social media.

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What you need to know

In the following videos and links we explain some key aspects of studying Social Work at Lancaster University.

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Widening participation

Here at Lancaster we pride ourselves on support for students from diverse backgrounds. We have also recently committed to the Care Leavers’ Covenant and prioritise care leavers and care experience students in our ranking for NHSBSA bursaries.

Student Success

Practice learning placements

Practice learning is at the heart of social work education. Before being registered as a social worker, you will need to demonstrate that you have achieved appropriate standards of practice and expertise in an accredited or ‘qualifying’ programme.

At Lancaster, we provide 170 days of placement experience, to enable you to integrate your knowledge, skills and values in a real-world practice-setting.

One of the unique things about Lancaster is that we have participated in two Teaching Partnerships – with Lancashire County Council; as well as with Cumbria County Council and four allied organisations from the private, voluntary and independent sector. These partnerships, funded by the Department for Education, aim to improve the match between the skills and knowledge that social work students are developing and those desired by key employers.

More information about your placements and career progression

Social Work placements and COVID-19

As you can imagine, COVID-19 presented a real challenge in how to continue supporting our students to progress with their studies.

Our efforts to maintain placements, where possible, and to support students in the move to remote working, were recognised as an example of best practice by the national body Social Work England. We are incredibly proud that so many of our students had the determination to keep going in their placements.

You can read more about the efforts of two of our students, who kept working through the crisis.

None of us know what the future holds where COVID-19 is concerned. But we hope it’s reassuring to you that we, in partnership with our placement partners, will support you throughout your studies - no matter the challenges that may surprise us.

Western Chapanduka

Western’s Social Work placement

“I was fortunate to be placed in the Cumbria County Council teaching partnership with Lancaster University."

"This placement provided me with the opportunity to undertake practice learning and continue my professional development. It involved working with a learning disability team whose ethos was team work and development.

"The friendly and welcoming atmosphere within the team made it easy for me to adhere to, adapt and advance its values and ethos. Without doubt, the supportive nature of the placement increased my confidence, as well as the determination to achieve my goal – the goal of becoming a qualified social worker.

"Whilst this has been a challenging and demanding journey for me, it would not have been possible without the support and care of the social work staff at Lancaster University.”

Western Chapanduka
BA (Hons) Social Work, 2018

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Hear from our staff about their experiences at Lancaster.

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