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What you don't need to worry about as you start university.

In this excerpt from our webinar 'Making the leap - preparing for the transition to university' (27 May 2021), current students Fiona and Bethan discuss with A-level teacher Ben Hewitson and Lancaster lecturer Joe Deville what they think are some of the misconceptions about university.

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In the following videos and links we explain some key aspects of studying Sociology at Lancaster University.

Careers for Sociology students

Sociology is known as an ‘exporter’ discipline – this means that those who study sociology often go on to a wide range of positions in different types of organisations.

We offer a range of support to not only help you identify where you want to go next, but also to prepare you for the next steps in entering employment. If a placement year degree isn’t quite right for you, there is still the opportunity to do a placement-based final dissertation.

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Explore a placement year degree

When I decided to do a placement year I was interested in doing frontline, community work, but I did not anticipate that I would spend the year focusing on financial advice and training for those in debt! However, working at Christians Against Poverty has been an incredible experience.

I have been able to draw upon what I learned in my degree to do independent research and induction videos for the charity. My research looked at how financial abuse relates to safeguarding of clients, and I’m really excited that some of the things I have learned may help to improve policies and training in the organisation.

I have taken part in fundraising challenges such as a fancy dress 5K run, and I have made new friends in my fellow interns and colleagues. Adapting to the culture of the organisation was harder than I expected, but it has been an enlightening experience.

For anyone considering a placement year, I would say try your best to be open-minded and realise it is ok to not be ok sometimes. It can take a lot of effort to find a placement that is suited for you, and if your expectations don’t immediately match the reality it can be disheartening. But realise that you don’t have to be at the top of your game immediately – the people you are working with may have been doing their jobs since before you were born!

You can always reach out to your manager, mentor, or the University placements team for support to get you through any challenges and make the most out of your internship experience.

Monica Brownwood, BA (Hons) Sociology

Monica Brownwood
Monica Brownwood spent her placement year working for a charity

Returning to study

After being made redundant and receiving a diagnosis for several physical disabilities, I had to re-evaluate my life. I attended an access course and dreamt of attending Lancaster University. When I got accepted, I couldn’t believe it!

Studying at Lancaster is inspiring - being around my undergraduate peers and being taught by exciting, empowering lecturers is so enjoyable. Every time I drive up the hill I get a thrill: I can’t believe I am studying here! Things are difficult with a number of disabilities; I am in pain much of the time and sometimes I am just too tired to attend or to fully engage with the workload. But I always feel hugely supported by the sociology family. Being a mature and disabled student has never hindered the support I have had.

Be prepared to work hard and laugh hard and sometimes wonder what on earth is going on. I cannot explain in just a few words the inspiration and sense of achievement I feel being a part of Lancaster. I love Lancaster, I am hugely proud I have (almost) completed my degree. I have always felt supported and accepted by peers and staff. If I could do it all again, I would in a flash!

Shelan Holden, BA (Hons) Sociology

Shelan Holden
Shelan Holden returned to study as a mature student

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