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About NCPM

Who we are

NCPM was established in 2003 to encourage transdisciplinary thinking in project management and has earned a stellar reputation for thought leadership and shaping the profession through its engagement, dissemination, educational, consulting and business activities. In the autumn of 2018 it relocated to Lancaster University.

In exploring the new frontiers of project management knowledge and capability, NCPM endeavours to reflect the increasing role of projects and project management in modern society as well as the organisational, strategic, cultural, environmental and societal implications associated with instituting sound project practice.

This broad perspective positions NCPM as the leading centre of excellence specialising in all aspects of managing projects and strategic change initiatives.

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Our vision

NCPM aims to set the national agenda and establish project management as a major profession and discipline in the UK.

Our mission

We aim to foster active dialogue about the integration of successful practice and theoretical research within project management.

Strategic objectives

NCPM focuses on developing the trans-disciplinary and essential facets of the discipline of project management, by means of:

  • providing thought leadership
  • disseminating and publishing new ideas through two established book series
  • directing the development of the project management body of knowledge
  • encouraging, fostering and participating in leading-edge research
  • developing innovative educational programmes and courses
  • launching the UK’s first professional doctorate in project management
Employees working on project