Bayes4Health draft

Bayes4Health & CoSInES Workshop

Monday 16th to Thursday 19th September 2019

The 21st-century data revolution provides exciting opportunities for enhancing understanding of the world in virtually every area of human activity. However, the process of moving from data to scientific understanding is often challenging.

This workshop will look at recent advances in statistics that aim to develop principled approaches to learn from large and complex data, together with their application across a range of Health, Medical, Engineering and Security challenges.

This is the first workshop for both the Bayes4Health and CoSInES research projects. It is being held at the University of Lancaster's Conference Centre, next to Lancaster House Hotel on the main campus.


Catalina Vallejos

Darren Wilkinson

Edward Ionides

Gavin Gibson

George Deligiannidis

Jeremy Heng

Nick Heard

Nigel French

Omiros Papaspiliopoulos

Peter Grunwald

Pierre Jacob

Sara Wade

Sarah Filippi

Silvia Liverani

Chris Robertson

Simon Maskell

Theo Damoulas

Veronica Bowman

Pete Neal

Leah South

Simon Godsill

Arnaud Doucet

Daniela De Angelis


The registration fee is £70 - and includes a buffet lunch on Monday 16th, Tuesday 17th, Wednesday 18th and Thursday 19th September 2019. The conference dinner is £30 per person, and will be held at Barker House Farm, on the evening of Tuesday 17th September 2019.

Please register here.


The workshop will be held at the Lancaster University Conference venue, next to Lancaster House Hotel, which is on the university campus. Participants may book accommodation by using the following links:

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