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Assessment and Feedback Practice

Guiding Principles for Assessment and Feedback

Lancaster has established a series of guiding principles for the development of effective assessment and feedback in programme design. The principles are informed by research and practice at Lancaster and the wider sector. Accompanying practical guidance, design tools and examples of practice can be located in the sections below.

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Assessment and Feedback Workshops


ICE Fellowships projects exploring assessment

The Institute for Curriculum Enhancement Fellowships Scheme is seeing the development of several projects on the topic of assessment at Lancaster. These relate to assessment literacy, adopting a programme view of assessment, and exploration of authentic assessment practices.

2021-22 ICE Fellows

Integrative Assessment

Integrative assessment is assessment design that aims to combine students’ learning from multiple modules and/or levels into single assessments. This form of assesment is synoptic in nature, meaning that students are required to make connections between knowledge and learning that spans multiple modules and topics.

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