Assessment methods

Welcome to the assessment methods compendium

This page offers information about a wide range of potential assessment methods. It is not an exhaustive list but provides some indication of both the common and more innovative methods that might be employed in the design of an assessment strategy. Methods are grouped into coursework, practical and examination-based approaches for ease of navigation.

Coursework assessment methods

Coursework is valuable in enabling students to demonstrate interrelated knowledge, skills and understanding in modes that more readily mirror the needs of the wider professional environment.


Practical assessments

Practical assessment encompasses non-text based methods that involve the application of knowledge, skills and understanding in practice. Such assessments involve practical processes leading to event-based or artefact-based assessment outputs.


Examination assessments

Typically time-constrained, individual assessments. Traditional written examination papers and multiple-choice tests are common forms that can be valuable for efficiency of marking, although there are many alternative forms of exam-based assessment.


This page is based on a resource originally produced on behalf of the Higher Education Academy. Adapted from Wilson, C. (2012) Assessment methods and descriptors. HEA Toolkit Project, Learning, Teaching and Assessment Group.