Student inclusion: What does it mean for curriculum design?

March 2017

This sharing practice event brought together colleagues from Sunway University and Lancaster University to share ideas and knowledge about inclusive curriculum design.

The presentations at this event addressed the questions and issues around:

What does equality, diversity and inclusive practice mean?

How do we value and recognise equality, diversity and inclusivity?


What does equality, diversity and inclusivity ‘look like’ in curriculum design

Using Stop-Start-Continue activity for student feedback

Choy Tuck Yun is based in the Business School, at Sunway Unversity. This presentation dusccused systematic stratergies and his action research on eliciting student feedback using Start-Stop-Continue method. The outcomes of the research showed that Start-Stop-Continue effectively provides rich data from most students, including the normally reticent ones. Although the specific student feedback resulting from the research was found only to be applicable to Dr Tuck Yun's teaching, the major theme of the student feedback suggested that ‘top-of-mind’ topics were of interest and concern to all students.

Watch Choy's presentation in full (25 minutes)

Using Socrative to improve student engagement with subject content in large classes

Sri Bala Murugan Gogula Nathan, is based in the Centre for Commercial Law and Justice, at Sunway University. The presentation described the use of Socrative in large classes for Business Law. Business Law is a core first year subject, with large classes of between 300 - 400 students. There are a number of challenges for the lecturer, with the primary challenge as knowing to some degree whether students have understood the information taught and engaging with students in such a large class. In light of this, Sri Bala Murugan Gogula Nathan used Socrative technology to aid assessment and obtain a reflection of student learning. This presentation is a reflection on his experiences and some of the benefits of using Socrative in large classes.

Watch Sri Bala Murugan Gogula Nathan's prestention in full (20 minutes)