December 2020: Sharing & developing teaching confidence through collaboration & partnership

This session explored the development and presentation of a short introductory course developed for Lancaster University staff during the summer of 2020 called 'How to Design Online Activities'. All three speakers reflect on their different roles in the course development and presentation.

Student as creators in blended learning environments: designs for active learning, related opportunities and challenges.

View the recording of the session (1.30 hours)

Natasa Lackovic, Educational Research, Lancaster University, Bailrigg.

Tina Zubovic, Doctoral Research Student, Educational Research, Lancaster University, Bailrigg.

Dale Munday, Digital Learning Facilitator, & Doctoral Research Student, Educational Research, Lancaster University, Bailrigg.

Natasa Lackovic, (Director of the Centre for Higher Education Research and Evaluation, Educational Research, Lancaster University) introduced some key principles of an ABC online learning designs and activities. Building on her 2020 experience of leading a short introductory course for Lancaster University staff 'How to Design Online Activities' co-designed with Lancaster University colleagues, Phil Devine and Dustin Hosseini. Her work explores and develops methods for active blended learning, among other research foci, starting with her doctoral thesis in design based and action research in creative and visual blended learning methodologies that has continued over a number of years working in blended and online education environments.

Natasa reflected on the theoretical and practical aspects of an active learning design and told a story of how the course team designed the course from scratch within a short time. The presentation reflected on what was possible to do or not to do within such a time frame, what new support resources were needed based on the course experiences, and the opportunities and challenges of applying such designs. She focused on the notion of active learning and undergraduate students as researchers, and what this means for learning designs, digital tools and methods, along with how it connects to the online communities of inquiry perspectives.

Tina Zubovic is a Doctoral Researcher in Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) @ Educational Research, Lancaster University. Tina reflected on her recent experience of designing a course and related active learning activities. Tina was one of the course participants on the How to Design Online Activities course. Tina reflected on how some of the course principles and examples link to her own online learning design, points of struggle and points of inspiration and possibility.

Dale Munday is a Digital Learning Facilitator in ISS at Lancaster University and a Doctoral Researcher in Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) @ Educational Research, Lancaster University. Dale actively provides support and advice to the university-wide Digital Education Network (DEN) peer group in Microsoft Teams and has an interest in active learning and digital education designs. Dale connected his extensive experience of interacting with DEN to active learning opportunities and challenges, and what this means for digital tools and pedagogy.