Welcome to the 2023 Staff Recognition and Celebration webpage

The Organisational Development (OD) and Educational Development (ED) teams welcome colleagues to the 2023 Staff Recognition and Celebration (formerly OD&ED Graduation) webpage where we recognise, acknowledge and celebrate colleagues commitment to their continuing professional development and for their achievement in completing one or more of the programmes, as listed below.

OD and ED Completers - Listed by Programme


OD and ED Completers - by Faculty, by Department


OD and ED programmes, courses and workshops

If you would like to find out more about our programmes and the work we are involved in, please click on the links below:

  • Organisational Development (OD)

    Organisational Development (OD) focuses on the achievement of the University’s strategy, goals and core purpose through the development of our people, processes and structures.

  • Educational Development (ED)

    Educational Development (ED) is responsible for the design, facilitation, evaluation and support of educational, professional and career development of staff teaching on Lancaster University programmes.