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Report from the Assessment and Feedback Working Group

During 2017 an Assessment and Feedback Working Group was established to review and make recommendations as to how the University could achieve significant improvement to its assessment and feedback for taught course students. Using an evidence-based approach, the group drew from a number of sources to develop a set of Assessment and Feedback strategy statements and associated principles to guide assessment and feedback design. The resulting report provides an overview of the Working Group process and their final recommendations.

Supporting Inclusive Assessment

Inclusive assessment should enable all students to participate and demonstrate what they have learned. Sometimes it may be necessary to make alternative arrangements to enable a student with a disability to complete the assessment. Inclusive assessment is increasingly being used in the HE sector to avoid disadvantaging students, saving time and resources required to develop alternatives. The Disability Service provides information and support on inclusive assessment.

Academic Standards and Quality

The ASQ team works in partnership with academic and professional service colleagues to ensure the University can confidently demonstrate and continuously enhance the quality and standards of its teaching and learning activities. In relation to assessment and feedback, the ASQ website offers mapping templates to support programme and module design.