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Curriculum Development: Resources & Activities

Sharing Practice Past Events

Educational Development has supported sharing practice events for many years. Below you will find links to recent events related specifically to curriculum design.

The Challenge of Inclusive Learning: July 2019

At a time of significant change in UK higher education, there is an increasing focus on student interest. This is evident in respect of student wellbeing and the examination of differential outcomes with reference to student attainment. This talk focuses on the national approach to inclusivity for disabled students and most importantly how lessons learned can benefit all students.

For this Institute for Curriculum Enhancement, Facing Out, Facing In event we welcomed, external keynote speaker: Professor Geoff Layer, OBE, Vice-Chancellor, University of Wolverhampton & our internal responding keynote speaker: Dr Leanne Thompson, Lancaster University Disability and Inclusion Manager.

Professor Geoff Layer's Keynote: (50 mins)

Dr Leanne Thompson's Keynote response: (1 hour)

Reflecting Back Thinking Forward: Experiences & learning in teaching practices: July 2019

Breaking Out of Silos: An Inter-Professional Educational Journey

Jane Pye, Sociology, for the Inter-Professional Education Team (winners of the 2019 Pilkington Teaching Prize)

Jane’s presentation explored the educational opportunities that arise when we think beyond Department and Faculty boundaries. In busy terms with packed timetables, it is a challenge to even contemplate anything outside of primary teaching responsibilities. However, through the curiosity and dedication of a small group of colleagues from clinical psychology, medicine and social work, these subject areas have made space to think together and, over time, form a close and productive team. The result has been a rich, demanding, challenging and rewarding experience for all involved. This team has worked together to test out and experiment with the idea that students from different disciplines learning together could, and should, be a positive developmental experience. The focus of this work has been ethics but there is certainly scope for the broadening out of topics.

Jane Pye: Breaking Out of Silos: An Inter-Professional Educational Journey (1 hour)

Globalizing the curriculum for 21st century teaching & learning: March 2019

Bringing together colleagues from Sunway University and Lancaster University together with Lancaster Students to share experiences, ideas and knowledge. This event focused on practice in, and experience of, globalizing the curriculum. We welcomed Dr David Killick from Leeds Beckett University, Ian Meeks the Vice-President (Education) at Lancaster Student Union, Dr Yow Yoon Yen and Nor Hazlin Nor Salam, both colleagues from Sunway University. Speakers and participants discussed the importance of promoting and engaging students with multiple, international and intercultural understanding, while not losing sight of one's own cultural identity and knowledge. Links to the talks are below:

Dr David Killick: Globalising the Curriculum: Lessons from the Hawaiian insular false killer whale (1.10 hr)

Dr Yow Yoon Yen: Developing an Inclusive Module for Medical Biotechnology Students: Challenges, Strategies and Way Forward (16 mins)

Ian Meeks: A global outlook from a Liverpool lad (25 mins)

Nor Hazlin Nor Salam: Nurturing local authentic voices in the globalised curriculum (35 mins)

Only Connect: Education & Research for a Challenging World: November 2018

Maximising Lancaster University distinctiveness through research-based teaching is a key Education Strategy objective. For this event, we welcomed Professor Dilly Fung, Pro-Director for Education, London School of Economics, and Jane Taylor, Professor of Plant Science from Lancaster, currently the Dean for Academic Quality. During the afternoon, Dilly and Jane explored the complexity of this connection. They discussed the potential benefits; from creating wider and more interesting and critical pedagogic conversations, through to providing transformational educational opportunities, which can influence both the students and wider society. Links to the talks are below:

Professor Dilly Fung: Only Connect, education & research in a challenging world (1hr)

Professor Jane Taylor: Exploring the connections at Lancaster University (30 mins)

Student equality, diversity and inclusion: What does it mean for curriculum design and teaching practice? March 2017

Embedding equality and diversity within the curriculum design is an important area for discussion. For this event we welcomed colleagues from Sunway University and Lancaster University to share ideas and knowledge about inclusive curriculum design. Listen & watch the event's discussion and talks.

Curriculum to design plagiarism out of assessment. April 2015

Jude Carroll from Oxford Brooks University explores how curriculum design as a means toward tackling plagiarism.

Breaking Out of Silos: An Inter-Professional Educational Journey