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Film Studies online open day

Film studies at Lancaster offers you the opportunity to study cinema and its history from a variety of angles, developing a critical understanding of cinema’s evolution from an early silent-era attraction to a mass-marketed multimedia industry.

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Welcome to Film Studies

Welcome to this online open day from Dr Gary Bettinson, Dr Dr Maryam Ghorbankarimi and Dr Bruce Bennett. Watch our video to discover more about studying this subject at Lancaster University.

What you need to know

Here you will find out all you need to know about Film Studies at Lancaster University.

Student films

These films are our students work. They were asked to shoot a short film which remakes a scene from a film they studied earlier in the course. The brief is to disregard the original execution, and to stage and shoot a scene in their own way. See if you can work out the original film!

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Careers staff at a careers fair

Great for Careers

We have an excellent track record for graduate careers, and recent Film Studies graduates have gone into careers in:

  • Production roles at the BBC, ITV and MTV
  • Independent film production
  • Advertising and marketing

Throughout your degree a wealth of career guidance and support is available from the department and the University Careers Service, which has subject specific Careers Consultants. We have connections with some of the world’s top graduate recruiters and employers across every sector, and organise careers fairs, workshops, and networking opportunities throughout the year.


Javier's life at Lancaster

Javier is a third-year Film and Sociology student who has been using his Film skills to create short videos in a part-time job as a digital ambassador.

Javier says, “Born in Spain, raised in Poland and (according to everyone else) with a Canadian accent of obscure origin, one of my lifelong obsessions has been to tell stories – and joining Lancaster University has given me the opportunity to find and tell more of them than ever. I’ve made a few short films over the past few years, and I’m always doing some writing, photography, graphic design, animation or film editing on the side.

One of my favourite things about Lancaster is the extracurricular part of university life and how it allows you to go beyond your degree – maybe even beyond your career plans –, and that is one of the aspects of my time at Lancaster University that I’m the most excited to share […] I’ve been working with LU Film Production (LUFP), directing, writing and producing both short films and advertisements for companies and other student societies and putting together some amazing content over many cold shoot days and sleepless editing nights.”

Here is a video Javier made about campus accommodation.

Meet your tutors

A few of our teaching staff describe their areas of special interest. Please note that tutors and modules can change occasionally due to availability and teaching commitments.

Dr Bruce Bennett

Dr Bruce Bennett

Bruce specialises in transnational cinema, including how migrants and refugees are portrayed in film and TV and the mediation of the war on terror. He also researches technology and film, looking at 3D cinema, digital imaging, Hollywood blockbusters and science fiction film.

Dr Gary Bettinson

Gary’s work encompasses two distinct areas: Hong Kong cinema and New Hollywood filmmaking (circa 1967-1975). He is particularly interested in the storytelling strategies used in films, their historical and industrial production circumstances, and their effects upon the viewer.

Dr Gary Bettinson
Dr Maryam Ghorbankarimi

Dr Maryam Ghorbankarimi

Maryam is an expert on Middle Eastern cinemas and Iranian cinema in particular. She is also an award-winning filmmaker, and has made several documentary and short fiction films. She is perhaps best known for The Desert Fish.

Dr Richard Rushton

Through his research into Film Theory and Philosophical approaches to film, Richard focuses on film spectatorship and the effects and affects that films have on viewers. He does this in relation to mainstream Hollywood film, European art cinema and avant-garde film, and is also interested in Asian cinema.

Dr Richard Rushton

Outstanding specialist facilities

Our Film Studies degrees are taught in a £10m eco-friendly building, which houses the Lancaster Institute for Contemporary Arts. Film Studies students have their own specialist facilities and equipment. 

Download a facilities guide


Chris Smithson, TV Producer/Director, BA (Hons) Film and Media and Cultural Studies

A career in film for Chris

I knew I enjoyed film, but combining and seeing film from a social and cultural point of view was fascinating. Research is an important part of making television. Learning to research thoroughly and quickly is one aspect that has helped me in my career. Being able to analyse from an artistic and academic aspect as well as a cultural/social one has also been very important. When making TV programmes (or if you want to be a filmmaker) you not only have to approach things from an artistic stance, but also from a social and cultural point of view.

My degree has been invaluable to me, and has given me an edge over other graduates, enabling me to become one of the youngest Producer/Directors at ITV and in the freelance industry.

Chris Smithson, TV Producer/Director BA (Hons) Film and Media and Cultural Studies

What to do next

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