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Degrees which give you the skills to think analytically about complex organisational issues.

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Management Science welcomes you to this Digital Open Day. Watch our video with Dr Adam Hindle to discover more about studying this subject, and then join us over on our Business Analytics live chat channel to ask any questions you may have.

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In the following short presentations, you will find out all you need to know about studying in the Management School at Lancaster University.


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I chose Management Science because the courses offer key learning on managing data sets and project teams, all of which is very valuable in today’s society. 

The main difference is that MORSE is a joint degree with maths, management science and economics which means you will be learning more complex mathematics such as calculus, whilst the Business Analytics course focuses on more statistical approaches. For me, I was always a keen numbers person who enjoyed maths but I didn’t see a future in teaching which is often the main route for maths graduates. I was also not the best when it came to science, so mechanics was not a topic I wanted to study. I found my course offered me the ideal solution with enough maths to keep my interested whilst also learning valuable business skills that would help me in the future.

Lauren Yarwood

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