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Philosophy online open day

When you study Philosophy at Lancaster University you’ll debate some of the most important philosophical questions across the ages: How should we live? Is there a God? Why should we obey the law? Is beauty objective?

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Welcome to Philosophy

Dr Garrath Williams welcomes you to the online open day. Watch our video to discover more about studying this subject at Lancaster University.

Download the course booklet to find out more about Lancaster University, how we teach Philosophy and what you'll study as a Philosophy student.

What you need to know

In the following videos and links we explain some key aspects of studying Philosophy at Lancaster University.

Flexible study

As you can see from our course list, you can study Philosophy either as a single major subject, or jointly with a number of other subjects. You will also have a large amount of choice in the modules you can select, so that you can follow your interests and specialise in the areas that you find most relevant.


John Garman

Meet John

Studying philosophy at Lancaster has been a thoroughly enjoyable experience and has allowed me to study a wide range of subjects including ethics, epistemology, the nature of the mind and many more interesting topics.

Being taught by experts within their field who have a real passion for their subjects and who encourage and guide you through your work is incredibly helpful and is a key strength of the department.

I have also been fortunate enough to do a placement year whilst completing my studies. I worked for an international charity called Hospices of Hope which promotes hospice care in south-east Europe. Philosophy has given me key analytic and evaluative skills which helped me write trusts grants, conduct research and plan marketing materials in my role with Hospices of Hope.

John Garman, BA (Hons) Philosophy (Placement Year)

Spotlight on BA (Hons) Philosophy, Politics and Economics

Our personal lives, our societies and our political institutions are shaped by economic forces. Economic activity has a political dimension and both politics and economics raise a host of deeper philosophical questions including questions about what matters and what is fair.

Through our flexible, modular programme, you can shape your degree to fit your interests and spend time discovering what you enjoy, exploring the areas that interest you the most.

Philosophy, Politics and Economics BA Hons

Download the course booklet to find out more about Lancaster University, how we teach Philosophy, Politics and Economics and what you'll study as a Philosophy, Politics and Economics student.

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