My Performance Development Review

From 2019 the PDR has moved on to an online system: my PDR page.

Guide to Online PDR

Please see below dates for demonstrations of the system and frequently asked questions. 

Online PDR FAQs

Can delegated reviewers, i.e. in Academic departments where PDR reviewing is delegated to colleagues who do not have formal line management responsibilities, be accommodated in the online system?

Yes, the HR Systems team will liaise with Faculties to ensure that the correct reviewers are assigned to their reviewees. If changes are made to reviewer structures please notify the HR Systems team to make the changes.

In instances where a PDR is conducted by two reviewers, can both reviewers be given access to the system?

The system only enables one reviewer to be appointed to a reviewee. This will default to the person with formal line management responsibilities unless HR are advised otherwise (i.e. if reviewer responsibilities are delegated). In instances when PDR conversations are conducted by two reviewers the reviewer who does not have access to the system should agree with the first reviewer the summary comments and, if they wish to add any specific, personal comments (e.g. a note of thanks for a particular piece of work) they should send these comments to the lead reviewer who can insert them onto the system, attributing them to the second reviewer by name.

Can a third person be given access to a team or department’s PDR records in order to collate learning and development needs?

Only the reviewee and their appointed reviewer can access individual PDR records, however, reporting on development needs can be achieved through the system.

Can update progress against my objectives throughout the year?

Yes, the system will allow you to make notes against your objectives and development throughout the year.

Can changes be made to objectives after they have been agreed?

Yes, changes can be made to objectives in instances when priorities have changed and/or there is a legitimate reason to amend an objective. This should always be done in agreement with your reviewer / reviewee. The system automatically tracks changes made.

Can I print the online form?

Yes, there is a print facility that enables you to print off the PDR if you wish to do so?

Do I have to have access to a computer when I conduct a PDR conversation?

No, you can conduct a PDR conversation with or without a computer or device. Some will prefer to make electronic notes and others will prefer to make written notes – the decision is down to individuals according to how they feel they can best achieve a quality conversation.

Can documents or links be attached to individual objectives?

No, external links cannot be attached to individual objectives.

Will the previous year’s objectives be automatically populated for the current year?

You will need to copy and paste any ongoing objectives into the current year’s objectives field.